Making a new Lazy Gallery for your photos

I use Lazyest Gallery for my photos so that I can still see them on my Iphone.   You can only make and edit the photo galleries if you have permissions. I usually only set this up for editors. So you will need to make sure you are an editor before you do this. To make a new gallery there are really two processes On-line and file based.

Making a new gallery on-line

first go to the gallery and click on settings to go to the settings page here you can edit the settings for the galleries in general. Most likely you don’t want to do that.

LS gall structureclick on the LSsettings button Gallery setting button in the dashboard and this brings up the gallery structure window. In here you can either click on an existing gallery where you can add, delete pictures and where you can edit the captions of the photos already present in the folder.  Usefully you can also create a subfolder at this level that will be visible within the parent folder.

If you want to create a new folder then enter a name and click “New Folder”

Once you have created the new folder click on it to go into is and use the uload image buttons to upload files one at atime.

if you want to delete a folder then you have to go into that folder specifically and then click on delete folder.


Making a new gallery with File access

If you have file access to the server that hosts the gallery then there is a more accessible way to create new photo gallery folders.   Log onto the server and go into the directory ~/wp-content/lg-gallery In that folder create the folders for each of the Galleries as needed then put the photos in the gallery.  Once you have done this then whilst one could edit the captions.xml file directly I find its easier and better to use the online editor. The tedious part of Laziest gallery is the upload once this is done everything else online works quite well.


What else can I do

Well the best thing is to have a look at the help for the plug-in directly. Most of the instructions are there and make sense.