Add Event for SEH

Add Event for SEH

The SEHSCDS web site uses a modified version of GigPress to present their events and those of other societies. I have explained elsewhere how to add new events into the SEH GigPress pages. In addition to the GigPress listings there are two slots at the top of the page that allow Key events to be highlighted. These events are placed in a table and this page explains how to add these events.

 Example of events page with poster in place

Before you start

Before you start you will need to have the information ready. this will include

  • A poster for the event, usually a pdf created from a word document or from an original scan
  • A small version of the poster resized to be 200×283 and in png or jpg format.
  • A few words to title the item

Creating a pdf of the poster

If the version of the poster or invitation you have is not already pdf, then the easiest way to get a pdf version of the poster or invitation is to display it on your screen exactly as you would normally and then print to pdf.   I use a small and free application called PDF Creator to do this, but there are many others and these days some word processors can save to pdf directly.

Creating a small png or jpg facsimile of the poster for the events page

If you have the Poster saved as a picture already (jpg, png etc ) then all you need to do is to resize the picture to be no greater than 200 pixels wide and 283 pixels tall.  If you use Picasa for example, then you do this by exporting the picture into the new size. With Photoshop elements, open the picture, resize it and then save it.

If you don’t already have it as an image then there is a quick way to get the small image you need. Display the whole poster or invitation on the screen and take a screen capture of the area you need and then save it as a picture.   I use a small and free application called FSCapture ver5.3, this allows you to capture whole windows or screen areas and then to resize and save what you need.  If you want a copy search in Google for this version or drop me a note.

Adding the New event

This is a two stage process

  • Upload the full size pdf poster
  • Add a small image of the poster to the events page and link to the full size poster


First Go to the events page  It is designed to have two events, if there are already two there then can one of the existing ones be removed. if not the call the webmaster for more help.   Once you have a space, then

click Dashboard to go to the management page and on the left side click on the Media tab

This gives you a list of all the pictures and material that is stored in the web site.  Don’t worry too much about the content, just look for the Add New button at the top of the page.

Click Add New and it will bring up  a new window where you can click on the button to select your file from your hard disk. Once you do this then it will be uploaded, crunched and a small question screen will pop up.

You need to fill this in, but before you do select and copy the file URL as your going to need this in a minute.  ( You might want to paste it into notepad for now just to keep it. – Do make sure you get the whole of the link )   then press Save All to save the changes

add new crunching filled in frm


Now click visit site and go back to the Events page

click edit this page

In the page that comes up make sure you are on the visual tab

You should see at the top of the editor a three column table, click inside the table cell you want to edit. That will be the far left or far right one. The center cell just spaces out the other two.

Now whilst your active insert point is inside the table, click on the add image button next to the upload/Insert heading.  This will bring up a dialogue where you can select your small .png or .jpg file – again it will upload the file for you and there is a form to fill in to add more information if you want such as alt text.


In this form you usually need to enter some alt text and you will need to CHANGE the link URL to point to the real full size poster, rather than the small picture. This is the link you saved above when you uploaded the pdf of the poster.  Now select alignment center and full size   for the image and click insert into post. It will save the changes and put the small poster into the table.

click update to save your changed to the main site.   Then go and check that its worked as you expect.

NOTE : At this point I had to fiddle a bit to make things take the correct link – might be a WP bug not really sure.