Adding a new event into GigPress


The SEHSCDS web site uses GigPress to manage their events. I’ve heavily modified the field names and a couple of the functions to suit the needs of the Dancing event diary. To this end the following only applies to the SEHSCDS version.


Before you start

You need to be already set up as an author for the SEHSCDS site and logged in Before you start to create an event you need to know what the event (gig) is and its details.

The event essential

  • Date
  • Start time
  • Musician (artist)  or recorded music for some events
  • Location (venue)
  • Type of event (is it a ball, a dance night,  or some other event)
  • Details – description of the event with the MCs etc

The event optional information

  • price
  • a link to the event program (usually a pdf you have just uploaded)
  • Contact details for tickets etc

The location

  • location name (a short name for the location)
  • location city  (used for the calendar software)
  • location address (this should include the postcode to help with map lookup)
  • map link for this location (optional)


Adding the new event

SiteManger OK now you know all of that, and are logged in click on dashboard link in the site manager box on the right hand side of the web site.   This will take you to the admin pages for WordPress. Once there click on the GigPress  gigbutton  button and open up the gig press menu items.

 dashboard  gigpress start

Before you start here, read step 7 – you might want to grab that link up front.  To make life easier, the instructions work down the page but you might want to do 7 first in the real world.

  1. Now we can start to add the event details. start with the date and start time.
  2. Its unlikely that you have a multiday event so leave this button off. 
  3. Now in the musician section click the pull down to see if the one you want is there, if it is select it, otherwise select add a new musician and add the Name in the box. 
      addnew_m ==>Musician name ==> Musician name filled
  4. Similarly for the location start by looking to see if its already there, if its not then add a new one. You will need the full address and postcode. If you have some link to help people find the place that’s great, add it into the  map link for location field. This can either be a Google maps link that I describe here or a link you have copied from the home page of the venue.  When selecting new names for locations its best to be short but precise so that other people will recognise it easily.
    add new location  ==>add new location filled
  5. event_typeThe type of event is unfortunately defined in GigPress by the administrator, so select from the list available or drop a note to the web admin if you need a new type of event. Currently the supported types are
    • Ball
    • Day School
    • Dance Night
    • Open Night ( aka Guest night)
    • Christmas Ceilidh
    • Other
    • If your not sure which one to pick, select the blank line at the top of the list and this will insert a blank type into the field.
  6. Price is self explanatory but please do include the “£” sign as this will help with the ical links
  7. In the Program Link field include a link to the program for this event if you have one. Its likely that this is a pdf of the program that you have just uploaded to the SEHSCDS web site, in which case you can get the link from the media page where you uploaded the item. This is not easily found but you can get it by going into the media library and selecting “edit” for your item which opens a new window and the link you need in at the bottom of the page called File URL.  You will get something like this… If you do not have access to this link, either ask the owner to do it or be nice to one of the editors who can see all links
  8. In the more info field add a telephone number or e-mail address for ticket information. This field is just text so anything you want really fits here.
  9. categoriesFor the category field you need to select whether this is an SEHSCDS event or not.  Current categories are
    • SEHSCDS – for SEHSCDS events
    • Other Societies – for events from other societies
    • Classes – for class dates which are not listed
    • Special – which is not used yet

      It is essential that the current categories are used and that new ones are not added as this would confuse the system.

  10. Ignore related post unless you have made a Blog entry about this already. Perhaps Beating retreat for example is in the blog already so you could link to that. Normally this just stays blank.
  11. Click the add event button.


Editing existing events

This is very much like adding a new event, except that the data is already filled in for you. In the GigPress menu you can select Events, Musicians, Location and for each of these you will see a list of the existing entries. Musicians and Locations are fairly simple to follow. Simply click edit next to the one you want to edit and fill in the new details at the top of the page.

filterFor events its only slightly more complex. at the top of the list you can select to filter the list for a specific type of event, perhaps you only want to edit events with the silver cross band, so select that musician and press filter. This will give you a shorter list to review. Once you can find your event to edit, again simply click on edit and go ahead.

active When editing Events there is one extra box. This is called status. In this box you can select to say that the event has sold out or is cancelled. This is clearly only useful when the event really has sold out or is cancelled, but it will change the display on the Events page to include a clear warning. I expect that this will be only used very occasionally.