New Post

Making a new post in the News page

Making a new post in news is very easy.

So what’s the difference between a page and a post, well to put it simply a page is something like this that is pretty fixed, contains pictures perhaps and information you want to keep as part of your web site for a while – perhaps a calendar of events.  A post is a news event or just telling people about something that happened and will not be part of your main web presence but is part of a list of “news articles”. Perhaps you could see a post in news like an article in a magazine and a post as a book to keep on the shelf to refer to later ( and often )


siteFirst work out what to say – that’s the hard part.  Then in the Site Manager section of the web page, click on New Post. This will open up the WordPress editing suite on-line and pop you into the online editor where you can start to create your new news article. 

newpost This usually means your using the TinyMCE editor that comes with wordpress. If you would prefer you could use Livewriter to do the authoring on your PC.  For long and complex new articles then using the livewriter is easier. For quick items of news its usually OK to use the on-line editor. 




editOnce you are in the editor – enter a title for the post in the title block and enter the text of the post in the main editor window.  Use this as normal to enter your text . Once you have finished there are a couple of things to do…

at the bottom of the page you may wish to write a very short summary of your article in the excerpt box. If you leave this blank the software will do it for you.  This is usually OK, bit occasionally you want to be precise about the summary and need to fill this in.


now click publish and make your post live.   You may be able to publish live or you may need to be moderated. This is a process where the webmasters get to see what you have posted and check it before it goes live. This is usually just a formality. Webmasters are usually well behaved people who will not interfere with what you want to say, just make sure that its not inflammatory or unsuitable for this site.