New Pg

Making a new Page or Post with Live Writer.

LW Live Writer is an application that runs on your PC. It is a free add on to windows.  You can download it from the Microsoft site and install it on your own PC. Once installed you need to set up your account and then you can edit pages just like normal documents.

To create a new page select your blog name with the pull-down in the top right corner. If you only ever edit one blog then this will already be set.

now click on the pull-down next to New and select either a new page or a new post. To decide which you need to do have a look here.

If you selected a new page then in the bottom of the page you need to select the parent page. So for example I have selected WP Help from the pull down list because this page is part of my WP Help section.  If you are working on a Blog set up by me you most likely have been told which pages you can edit and I dont normally let you edit pages at the top level so dont select (No Parent)  as its not going to work…

Now in the new page there is a box that says Enter a page title – this is the link you will see on the menus and does NOT appear on your page, so make it very short and snappy. I’ve used New Pg for this page.

Now lets give the page a title header. type your text, select it and in the pull down that says Paragraph at the top of the page click the Pull-down and select heading 1.   You will see it changes to a big bold header. This is MUCH nicer than using Bold and Font sizes manually. The main reason why you use the styles for header is so that browsers can display them exactly as your reader wants which may not be the same as for you. Some people prefer white text on a black background. If you force the font etc then they may not see your heading at all.

Once you have a title, the process of editing is very simple. You make your changes just like any other Windows editor. Most of the usual formatting options are to be found in the menu bar across the top of the page. For example, you can select text and apply a style to it such as “Heading 2” So writing good quality HTML is no problem.   Adding links is really simple. highlight the text  or picture that you want to be the link and hit the link icon in the top bar. When you are complete just hit the publish button.

There are a few Plug-ins  you might want. Ive added Horizontal Line and the table plug-in to my install and I find these useful. If there are others let me know.

Inserting pictures is really very simple. click the picture icon to the right of the screen, ( also found under insert) then select the picture you want to add.  this puts the pic on screen and opens the picture menu – You can get this menu later by clicking on the picture.  In the picture menu you need to say whether the picture floats to the right or left etc  Also you will usually want to set a custom margin ( ie space around the picture )  The final think you always want to set is what happens if someone clicks on the picture. this is in the link to box – either it can do nothing (none), pop up a copy of the picture or it can go to an address on the web.

Occasionally you will find the picture ends up in the wrong place. Thats easily fixed, just click and drag it to the right place in the text. Dont forget that the right and left is defined in the picture bar so you are only really setting the line where it will appear when you drag the pictures around.

Once you have finished click publish and have a look at your handiwork. – most likely you will need a few changes.