WP LW_Setup

How to set up your website account in Live Writer


For this page I’ve assumed that you have an account already created. One of the sites I manage is for South East Herts Scottish Country dancing (SEHSCDS) and I’ve used their site for the examples.

Firstly lets assume you have installed Windows Live Writer [NEED LINK HERE] on your PC.


  1. 01 AccountsStart Live Writer. If this is the first time you started it then it will ask you to create an account. If not then click on Tools then Accounts in the menu bar.
  2. When the account management windows pops up, click the Add button02 add to add a new account.
  3. 03 other blog This will bring up a new window which asks you where you want to create your new pages and posts. Don’t worry if you already have other Blogs set up, you are creating a new entry for this site.  It wont affect anything else you have configured. For all the sites that I maintain you always need to select Other Blog service  and then click Next.   If you have a Windows Live ID then just ignore that for now.
  4. 04a website details Windows Live Writer now asks you for the details of your web site. These are:-
         The address of the web site, eg http://www.sehscottishdance.org/
         Your user name  which I will have given you separately, perhaps in an e-mail from the webmaster
         Your password which you should also get in an e-mail

         I suggest if this is your own PC then select the Remember my password box or you will be typing it quite often.

  5. 05 processing 06 temp post This will now go off to have a look at the Blog and see if your account exists. If it does it will ask to make a test posting which gets deleted straight away. just say yes to let it do this.
    If you don’t have permission to write pages this might fail – don’t worry too much about that for now
  6. 07 nickname Once complete you need to give this site a nickname which will help you remember which site it is.  I prefer short snappy names but in this case I used the full name of the site.  
    I don’t recommend you share your Blog on windows live unless your sure you know what you are doing.
  7. 08 settings Whilst your here you might want to change the auto save settings so that you don’t lose your work if things crash
  8. 10 editing You can now go ahead an edit [ NEED LINK] pages from the Blog.