Adding a map link to a page

Adding map links to a page is really useful if you want your customers to arrive where you intended. This is very simple and these instructions are for using google maps but they would be the same for almost any mapping software.


  1. Add the text you will use as a link to the document using the page editor as normal. eg (map) and open a new window or tab
  2. In the new window, go to Google maps. http://maps.google.co.uk   Ive used the UK site here to get local searches for my addresses. but any google maps site will do.
  3. In Google maps enter a post code or place name into the search box and search for where you want to find. Search
  4. A successful search will return a page showing the place and a map. If there is more than one place click on the one you want to refer to or try a more specific search.  page
  5. Zoom in or out using the +/- buttons. Turn the satellite view on or off as you think best to show where the location can be found.
  6. Now click on the link button at the top right of the map and you will get a popup showing a link that you can copylink 
  7. Select the text and press the link tool linktool to bring up the link editor.
  8. In the link editor paste the link you copied from Google maps into the Link URL box and set the target to open in a new windowlinkeditor
  9. Then press insert and update the page as normal.
  10. When users of your site click on the link  they will be taken to the search results you achieved for your previous search using the same style and zoom settings that you selected.


Advanced users may wish to edit the link to obtain specific results. The most useful of these parameters is the z=XX  part at the end of the URL which specifies the magnification of the map.