Changing Lazyest Gallery to be more personal

OK I like things to reflect me rather than generic settings. Its not an obsession just a thought. So… Once installed I wanted to customise Lazyest Gallery.  Here are a couple of tweaks that I think make is easier to use.

1) Lets change the word Folders to be about me.

edit the file ~/wp-content/plugins/lazyest-gallery/inc/frontend.php, Find the text Folders and replace it with the title you want for the folders eg

<td colspan="<?php echo $columns; ?>" class="folder"><img class="lg_folders_img icon"
src="<?php echo $this->plugin_url; ?>/images/folders.png" alt="folders" />
<span class="raquo">&raquo; </span><?php _e( "Phils Photo Galleries", $this->text_domain ); ?></td>

2)  and why not have your own favicon or a photo as the icon for the gallery – simply replace the file ~/wp-content/plugins/lazyest-gallery/images/folders.png  with a more personal png. I use my favicon because I like it.

The other thing Ive found with Lazyest Gallery is that you dont have to upload files with the web interface ( thank goodness) you can just upload them to the server using scp ftp or whatever you chose and re-view the gallery to get them included.

3) I also have a couple of bug fixes for minor things in the way it interacts. Edit the file ~/wp-content/plugins/lazyest-gallery/css/lazyest-style.css

about line 29 change the height to 40. This stops the pictures overwriting the headings in the slide view

/* the navigator (prev, next) */
.lg_gallery .lazyest_navigator {
 display: block;
 height: 40px;
 padding: 0 4px;
 margin: 5px auto;

about line 171 remove the left align from the css for table data cells. This will stop it interacting badly with the search box in the header of Atahalpa.

.lg_gallery .imagedatatable tr, th, td{
 vertical-align: top;
 padding: 1px;
 padding-left: 5px;

Oh and did I mention that its not flash so it works nicely with WPtouch and my iphone

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