GigPress Help

In my last post I said that I had modified GigPress to work with the SEHSCDS event web pages. I’m presenting the new web pages to the committee this week and I want to start moving the administration of the site onto the members. So I have written a quick guide for them on how to insert a new event (gig) into the events diary. Its very specific to the SEHSCDS implementation of GigPress but it does explain how to add a new event and if someone wanted to steal it and use it elsewhere, with less customisation the idea is free…

This guide is part of my heavily customised set of how to do things for wordpress I have written for them. the rest are here

Have just added some info on how to edit the events page to the WP help – its not exactly general, but might be useful as a starting point for the pages where the local pic links to a main pdf etc.

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