Have you ever wanted a nicer meta widget?

Have you ever wanted a nicer meta widget?  I certainly have. I wanted something that offered clerver log in and log out options and something that gave me useful options depending on who was logged in. I am managing a site for a group of dancers and I wanted the “manage this site” link to make real sense to them. There are some members who can just read stuff, some who can add posts and especially some who need to edit their own pages.

I found the solution in a couple of plugins.  The first was the user role editorwhich allows detailed setting of roles for each user. Specifically the ability to edit your own pages.  I combined this with the Enhanced Meta Widget which replaces the standard wordpress widget with one that looks to see what you can do then offers links to those activities. as Admin you simply create a list of the things you want to see and the widget displays the ones that are possible right now.  What I really like is that it does not offer you things that you cant do, so simple users don’t get confused.

I did try a couple of other plugins on the way here, but these two were by far the best of the ones I tried.

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