Links that I have found useful.

Many of these links are ones that Ive found useful.

Links about Owls

Chrissies Owls

Chrissie’s Owls

I saw these at Ashridge in 2008 and took some interesting photos of a few Owls on perches

IT links and other stuff


Elsenham Village

This is where I live. I’m not sure its the greatest Web site design in the world, but it does give useful information about Elsenham and what is happening here.

Weather image

My Weather Station

This is the weather for where I live. Well actually its the weather next to the raised bed in the garden, not ideal location but it makes useful reference.

Weather Underground PWS ICAMBSST2 My New weather station on Weather underground

SEHSCDS Web site

South East Herts Scottish Country Dancing.  – Anyone who knows me will know that I dont dance ( or is that cant dance ) Anyway I do know someone that can and Ive recently created this web site for the society where they dance. It was a great introduction to WordPress and taught me a lot about what a web site should do if you want other people to know what is happening and to keep it up to date. I might blog a bit about how that goes.

Making favicon.ico

OK Its a trivial task but creating favicons on the fly is a pain – these guys do it for you. Ive seen better Ive seen worse, but these work and Ive used them a few times…

If you have other links you would like here, let me know…