What do you use to monitor how much data you are using

I keep asking myself this and as a linux user it ought to be simple. just look at ifconfig, but thats not so user friendly, so what else is out there.

iptraf vnstat iftop nload

One of these days Ill list why they are useful…

Upgrading Atahualpa is teaching me the importance of a good backup

OK, so some kind sole on the internet just decided that they would attack wordpress sites. No problem I have wordfence and I have the latest wordpress updates, so that is all good. Just to be on the safe side I thought what I would do is upgrade the theme and any other plugin to . . . → Read More: Upgrading Atahualpa is teaching me the importance of a good backup

Busy filling the HRAA allotment survey

Having had an allotment with Kerry for a while now I thought I may as well join the allotment society committee. We have now made a questionnaire to gain other people’s views on how well we are running HRAA The Hill Rise Allotment Association.

Anyway there is a neat survey form here using google . . . → Read More: Busy filling the HRAA allotment survey

my workflow for geotagging photos

After working this out and then forgetting the details a few times I decided to write this doc so that I had a record of it. Of course in writing it I’ve managed to embed it in my memory well enough that Ill probably never forget it now. This is a simple workflow taking the . . . → Read More: my workflow for geotagging photos

Using a Huawei K3770 3G dongle with TP-Link MR3020

I’ve had the TP Link modem TL-MR3020 for some time and this is a lovely small modem that takes a 3G dongle and provides WiFi (Rather like all the other MiFi options on the market) I think I originally bought this because it was cheap and its been totally reliable for months on EE with . . . → Read More: Using a Huawei K3770 3G dongle with TP-Link MR3020

Blog saved my day

Well. I lost all my customisation of gig press in an update. Probably lesson 1 is to only edit the bits your meant to edit.

Lesson 2 was go find the backup quick. Thanks to OA5 for that bit

Lesson 3 was to read your own posts to see what you did before despairing. . . . → Read More: Blog saved my day

GigPress Help

In my last post I said that I had modified GigPress to work with the SEHSCDS event web pages. I’m presenting the new web pages to the committee this week and I want to start moving the administration of the site onto the members. So I have written a quick guide for them on how . . . → Read More: GigPress Help

Custom GigPress

Customising GigPress for a Scottish dance group

GigPress is a great plugin for WordPress which lets you list your gig online in a word press page, gives a neat widget for the side bar and manages the simple things in life for you automatically. The things I like with it are that as well as . . . → Read More: Custom GigPress

Changing Lazyest Gallery to be more personal

OK I like things to reflect me rather than generic settings. Its not an obsession just a thought. So… Once installed I wanted to customise Lazyest Gallery.  Here are a couple of tweaks that I think make is easier to use.

1) Lets change the word Folders to be about me.

edit the file ~/wp-content/plugins/lazyest-gallery/inc/frontend.php, . . . → Read More: Changing Lazyest Gallery to be more personal

WP Help

Help with using WordPress.

These pages are specifically intended to help users of WordPress when editing web sites that I either maintain or am heavily involved in maintaining.  They are not intended to replace the online help and forum that others have provided.


What information can I upload and where to put it…

. . . → Read More: WP Help