Phil’s Photo Gallery

photomontage_icon My first Gallery was  written in Bash using imagemagick. It laboriously creates photo Montages of a set of jpg images which can then be used as part of a clickable image map.  Many of my early digital photos are done this way from various holidays and other events.
photoG2_icon Later on I wandered through Gallery 2 which is a much nicer interface, however I always found it very hard to find the time to upload pictures and have not really added anything recently.
My Latest deliberations in the Gallery area have been caused by the change of the web site to a WordPress format. This has caused me to look at two plug-in options Grand Flash Album Gallery which was really quite nice but used flash and I really wanted a gallery that worked with my iphone so realising the small minded apple logic with flash I had to find something else. Eventually someone pointed me at  Lazyest Gallery which I used above.