Removing the title text on each page

This seems like a simple thing to do.   On each page with the Atahualpa theme I want to use my own titles. By default the theme uses the page name. This does not work well for me I want something short and snappy like “pics”  as the page title which will also be the permalink and the text displayed in the page tabs etc. But I want to call the page “My favorite photos”  I can easily add the title I want with <h1>real title</h1>  but that still leaves the page title at the top.

It appears there used to be a button to do this but its now gone so the only option is to edit the theme.

in Atahualpa Theme options go to Style & edit CENTER COLUMN->The LOOP and find the text

<?php bfa_post_headline('<div class="post-headline">','</div>'); ?>

and replace it with

<?php if (!is_page()) {bfa_post_headline('<div class="post-headline">','</div>'); } ?>

I have to confess I found this info on the BFA blog, but it seems useful to have a copy here so I can find it again

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