Upgrading Atahualpa is teaching me the importance of a good backup

OK, so some kind sole on the internet just decided that they would attack wordpress sites. No problem I have wordfence and I have the latest wordpress updates, so that is all good. Just to be on the safe side I thought what I would do is upgrade the theme and any other plugin to the latest release at the same time. Seems simple… just one press of a button…

What actually happens is my header images, site logo and favicon all vanished. When Atahualpa was upgraded it kindly cleared out my headers and my favicon because they used to be stored inside the themes folder. In the new version you can put the images into wp-content/ata-images and they will no longer get deleted. Thats great but they have been deleted. So I dutifully created the new folder and wandered off to my backup server to get the files back again (thanks Andrew for the backup service)

Now I have my headers and my logo back, but the favicon still doesn’t work. even though it should be in the new location Ive had to put it into the old location as well. At least I have two copies of it and one will not get deleted now.

Now to fix my other sites… SEHSCDS first

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