Using a Huawei K3770 3G dongle with TP-Link MR3020

I’ve had the TP Link modem TL-MR3020 for some time and this is a lovely small modem that takes a 3G dongle and provides WiFi (Rather like all the other MiFi options on the market) I think I originally bought this because it was cheap and its been totally reliable for months on EE with a T-mobile dongle. However I’ve moved house and I can now use my pre-paid Vodafone UK dongle now so I thought “I know – lets just plug it in and all will work” – Sadly not. The tp-link discovers the dongle and appears to work but never reliably connects. It is fairly annoying as there does not seem to be any obvious diagnostics for the issue and I could not find any useful comments on the web.

So… The solution. I upgraded the firmware to the latest version, TL-MR3020_V1_130326 from the tp-link page and now its all working great – connects straight away and does exactly what I want. As always the vendor release notes don’t say they fix anything but as all is well I’m happy. I hate doing firmware upgrades but the TP-Link process seems stable enough. You will have to unpack the zip file that is downloaded though which seemed to be a missing detail in the instructions I read. I used 7-zip as thats free. Once unpacked you will find the bin file and all works as per the instructions from there.

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